Together with our partners, June Comey are proud to be able offer the an exciting new training opportunity for our readers.

Training within the paving and construction industries is, of course, of paramount importance.

Who wouldn’t want to give their workforce the advantage they need in today’s competitive world?

Then there are all the Health and Safety courses, which both contractor, employee and employer must stay up to date with.

Even if you think that your staff know their job – and they probably do – what about when a new piece of technology comes along?

And how to train the new team members, when they join?

It pays for everyone in the team to be knowledgeable about their job, as well as the equipment needed to do it right.


The Teachers of Tomorrow’s Asphalt Professionals

Online Module

All our courses are industry accredited and have received professional acclaim.

By following one of our units, you can help bring your team to recognition and become prime candidates for bonuses.

But to get there takes dedication and training. This means every member of your team knowing how to produce the perfect mat.


Staying safe on the worksite.

Maintaining equipment effectively.

Understanding the job description of every team member.

How to handle and heat the screed efficiently.

Building a takeoff ramp.

Preparing to pave; auger heights, centering tow points and setting the main screed.

Dumping the truck and filling the auger chamber.

Determining the fluff factor.

Plus more besides.


This course has won rave reviews from companies, individuals and experts alike. It is fully accredited with all the relevant bodies within the profession.

And it could save you and your business thousands in training expenses.

Delivered online, the creator and tutor, Alex Hall, has brought all the relevant information into one, easy to follow package.

Everything you could want to know about the paving business is distilled into one online course, for your crew to follow.

This course not only brings your entire team up to speed about everything they need to know about paving and asphalt, but it also delivers it wherever and whenever you need it.

With no transport, accommodation or other expensive costs needed to participate in this course, the venue is up to you.

The learning can take place at whatever pace you decide, it could even fit around your existing work schedule.

And the author, Alex Hall, is available for consultation and advice throughout your studies.

Correspondence is via student learning portals, email support and telephone consultations.