June Comey is a relatively new publication, serving the asphalt paving and further construction industry.

But that hasn’t stopped us making our mark on it!

Since 2014, we have been the publication of choice for contractors and professionals within the paving industry.

Concrete and asphalt are our passion and we exist as an online resource, to deliver information and advice to all paving personnel.

We produce a magazine, which in hard copy forms comes out four times a year. Our online issue is updated more frequently.

Our bloggers and writers are professionals and experts themselves. We always use a veteran tradesperson, when we author one of our “How To” guides.

These have become so popular, that we have bound them together, to make a special publication, due for release this August.

The periodical guide “How To Do Absolutely Everything With Asphalt” will also be available for download to our subscribers.

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This summer’s issue is available shortly for download and purchase at the newsstands. The focus for this season is self employment and looks at how to become a contractor.

How to get a leg up within the construction industry is something that is of use to everyone, from the beginner right up to seasoned pros. So even if you think you already know it all, you may still benefit from some of our help!

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